Over 30 years of training military & federal service

JMAR Protocol Training provides training for Military and Government Protocol and Event Management Specialists. Since 1990, JMAR trained over 10,000 individuals from all branches of service, federal agencies, and defense contractors.


Basic Course

This is ideal for beginner and intermediate level protocol professionals, or those looking for a refresher. Our experienced instructors provide a solid foundation ensuring every attendee has the skills necessary to plan and execute ceremonies, visits, events, socials, or conferences. All attendees will be added to a networking group with fellow protocol professionals.

Advanced Course

This is ideal for experienced protocol professionals. During this comprehensive five-day course, we provide refreshers while training attendees to manage events and other protocol professionals while providing additional skills enhancing your ability to support your leadership at the next level. All attendees will be added to a networking group with fellow protocol professionals.

Certified Protocol Specialist

Designation as Certified Protocol Specialist reflects an individual’s experience and training in the field of military and government protocol and event management.

  • Completion of what was formerly known as JMAR Phase I, II & III OR
  • Completion of JMAR Protocol Basic and Advanced Courses
  • Two years’ experience in protocol

Bring Us To You Option

JMAR can bring training to your command or agency CONUS or OCONUS. Upon request, we can tailor our course of instruction to suit your agency’s needs in terms of topics covered and scope of course materials.

Requirements for training at your location:

  • minimum of 10 personnel,
  • requestor will provide venue to accommodate training requirements,
  • training locked in with JMAR no less than 3 months prior to training start date

Ida Erickson, owner of JMAR Protocol Training, is proud to carry on the JMAR tradition of protocol and event training excellence!