JMAR Protocol Training and Consulting provides training for Military and Government Protocol and Event Management Specialists.  We offer our students a three Phase program:  Phase One provides the student with the basic elements of protocol and how to utilize them during protocol events; Phase Two and Phase Three provide an advanced protocol training helping expand the student’s knowledge base.    Since 1990, JMAR has trained over 10,000 individuals from all services and many Federal agencies.  

JMAR Protocol offers its’ students an avenue to earn a “Certified Protocol Specialist” designation showing that through study and on the job training, our students have achieved a “standard of professionalism” in their career field.

Upon request, JMAR can bring our training to your command or agency within the United States and/or Overseas. Through JMAR’s “Bring our Training to You” program, your command or organization can save thousands of training dollars and travel costs.

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Your CG is hosting a dinner in honor of a visiting 2 star from Portugal. It has been determined that Offical Representation Funds, (ORF), can be used to fund this dinner. Your guest list includes, the 2 star and 4 additional persons from Portugal, considered non-DoD and 17 people that are considered DoD. Taking the ORF ratios into consideration, is your guest list within regulation?

A. Yes, the attendees are within the 20/80 ratio.
B. No, there are not enough Non-DoD on the guest list.
C. No, the 50/50 ratio is not met.

D. I don't know, what is the ratio.  

E. It is illegal to use Government Money.

a. Yes, the attendees are within the 20/80 ratio..
b. No, there are not enough Non-DoD on the guest list.
c. No, the 50/50 ratio is not met.
d. I don't know, what is the ratio.   
. It is illegal to use Government Money.

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JMAR Protocol Training
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Bob's Cell 301-920-4301 (PST)
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Edition date:  May 2006

Revision 11, 12/14/2009

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JMAR Protocol has been sold. As of 16 May, the new owners will be Ida Erickson and Marie Tharpe.

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Regular Training cannot continue until DoD lifts the Travel Ban

JMAR has to increase prices for 2021
Phase I, II & III will increase to $1175 per Student

Command Requested Training will increase to $12,750. All current quotes to Commands will remain valid until 12/31/2021

At this time JMAR is only conducting Command Requested Training. 5 seats will be available to Non-Command Personel. If interested contact Bob.  

Any questions please contact
Bob @ 301-920-4301
(Pacific Time Zone.)

Please take care of yourself and your families.

Great News for Army Students
JMAR Protocol is now listed in "GOARMYED"
Look for us under
School Code: JP


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JMAR does not take payments through our website. Payments can be made during the course or by the card holder, call directly,
301-920-4301. NO credit card information is retained either in/on this website or in it's files.

We get many questions about how we schedule and post our classes, here are the general rules;

A. Classes are posted about 6 months out.

B. Phase I is held about four times a year.

C. Phase II is held about three times a year.

D. Phase III is held about two times a year.

E. Refresher Training-Continued Learning is held only once a year, usually in the Spring.

 Did you just miss a Phase I or Phase II training opportunity?

JMAR knows that your schedule doesn't always match our schedule.

JMAR does not require that you take our courses in order. So if you have just missed a Phase I, jump into a Phase II or Phase III and catch the course you wanted next time it is scheduled.


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