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Quick Vote/Question results #137

At ceremonies when the guest of honor is a woman and her husband is also attending, what would be an appropriate gift for a male spouse?

A.  Plant or a gift card.
Ask the Guest of Honorwhat her husband would prefer

C. Flowers.

D. Other. 
E. Nothing

a. Plant or a Gift Card.


b. Ask the Guest of Honor what her husband would prefer.


c. Flowers.

d. Other.  1%
e.  Nothing. 0%


Quick Vote/Question results #136

The Agency Senior Enlisted Advisor (CSM, MCPO, CMSgt, etc.) should be seated at the head table:

A.  On most occasions.
B. Always.

C. Never.

D. When there is room without displacing a Senior Official. 
E. It should not be displayed

a. On most ocassions


b. Always


c. Never

d. When there is room without displacing a Senior Official.  15%
e.  I don't know. 19%


Quick Vote/Question results #135

What do you believe is the best placement for the POW/MIA flag in flag displays?

A.  Separate from the official flag display
B. After service flags and before all others

C. Immediately after the flag of the United States

D. At the end after all other flags
E. It should not be displayed

a. Separate from the official flag display


b. After service flags and before all others.


c. Immediately after the flag of the United States

d. A the end after all other flags. 59%
e. It should not be displayed 7%


Quick Vote/Question results #134

What is correct sequence of events?

A.  Arrival of the Official Party; Presentation of Colors; National Anthem; Invocation; Remarks; Departure of Official Party
B. Presentation of Colors; National Anthem; Arrival of Official Party; Invocation; Remarks; Departure of Official Party
C. National Anthem; Presentation of Colors; Invocation; Arrival of Official Party; Remarks; Departure of Official Party

D. None of the above ?

a. AArrival of the Official Party; Presentation etc.


b. Presentation of Colors; National Anthem etc.


c.  National Anthem; Presentation of Colors; etc

d. None of the above 16.0%


Quick Vote/Question results #133

Your office is tasked with coordinating the seating for your CG's retirement ceremony. The ceremony attendees are the following personnel;
1 -O-8
2 - O-6's (retired)
3 - O-7's
1 - SES (retired, also a retired O-6)
1- O-7 (retired)
4 - O6's
Where do you seat the retired SES?

a. After the active O-6's


b. After the active O-7's


c.  After the retired O-7's

d. I don't know 8.0%


Quick Vote/Question results #132

For conferences at which your commanding general, deputy commanding general, chief of staff, and senior enlisted advisor (CSM, MCPO, CMSgt, etc.) are present, where, as a general rule, would you place the senior enlisted advisor?

a. After the Commander


b. After the Deputy Commander


c.  After the Chief of Staff

d. Somewhere else 8.3%

Quick Vote/Question results #131

What is the correct placement, if any, for Official Seals, when two or more seals are used on letterhead, stationary, invitations, etc

a. No defined position


b. Senior organization's seal to the right


c.  Senior organization's to the left

d. I don't know 0%



Quick Vote/Question results #130

Your Commander is planning a visit to the People’s Republic of China.  A gift exchange is planned,  you will brief the Commander on which gift would be appropriate.  Which of the following is the gift you would recommend to your Commander?

a. A clock with a plaque identifying the occasion of its presentation


b. Handkerchiefs embroidered with the commander seal


c.  A statue of graceful cranes

d. An engraved Pen & Pencil set 45%


Quick Vote/Question results #129

Your CG is hosting a dinner  in honor of a visiting 2 star from Portugal.  It has been determined that Official Representation Funds (ORF) can be used to fund this dinner.  Your guest list includes the 2 star and 4 additional persons from Portugal considered Non-DoD and 17 people that are considered DoD.  Taking the ORF ratios into consideration is your guest list within regulation?

a. Yes, the attendees are within the 20/80 ratio 


b. No, there are not enough Non-DoD on the guest list


c. No, the 50/50 ratio is not met.

d. I don't know, what's a ratio? 16%


Quick Vote/Question results #128

You are developing your seating chart for your Commander's retirement ceremony. 
His guests include:
1-Vice Admiral (USN)
2- Rear Admirals (Upper Half) (USN)
1- Vice Admiral (USN Ret) 
2- Rear Admirals (Lower Half) (USN) 
1- Major General (USMC Ret)
What is the correct order to seat these guests:

a. VADM; VADM (Ret); 2-RADMs; MajGen (Ret); 2-RDMLs 57%
b. VADM; 2-RADMs; 2-RDMLs; VADM (Ret); MajGen (Ret) 19%
c. VADM; VADM (Ret); 2-RDMLs; MajGen (Ret); 2-RADMs 15%
d. I don't know. 6%


Quick Vote/Question results #127

Your CG, (2 Star), is hosting a reception for a visiting 3 star USAF and a 3 star USMC, (wo/spouses). What order would use for the receiving line?

a. Your CG, USMC 3 star, USAF 3 star, Senior Enlisted Advisor. 38%
b. USMC 3 star, USAF 3 star, your CG, 38%
c. Your CG, USAF 3 star, USMC 3 star 19%
d. I don't know. 4%


Quick Vote/Question results #126

Santa Claus has returned his RSVP and will attend your unit's Holiday Reception, however, he will arrive late. Do you hold the Official Remarks until his arrival?

a. Yes, and save your "Cookies and Milk". 13%
b. No, Proceed with program and make a special announcement when Santa arrives. 85%
c.  BAH HUMBUG! 2%
d. I don't know. 0%


Quick Vote/Question results #125

 Your Commander is hosting a meeting at your headquarters with general officers from 5 foreign countries attending. In what order should the country flags be arranged?

a. a. In order of the foreign general officer's rank. 29%
b. Alphabetically following the US flag. 61%
c.  In order of the length of our country's alliance with the foreign government. 6%
d. I don't know. 3%


Quick Vote/Question results #123

Are mliitary members required by regulation or directive to salute a Medal of Honor (MoH) recipient?

a. Yes.  Salutes must be rendered. 52%
b. No. Nothing, however, prohibits saluting and it has been a long-held practice. 30%
c.  Yes, but only if the MoH recipient is senior in rank. 4%
d. I don't know. 14%




Quick Vote/Question results #122
September 26-December 16, 2010

You are preparing the flag display for an indoor ceremony for which the official party will include the Under Secretary of Defense (USD), Secretary of the Air Force (SAF), and an Assistant Secretary of the Navy (ASN).  You plan your display to include the U.S., service flags, and the positional flags for those three officials.  An hour before the ceremony, you find out the Secretary of the Air Force's staff did not bring his positional flag with them and you don't have one. Would you:

a. Display the USD and ASN flags without the flag for the Air Force Secretary. 8%
b. Not include any of the positional flags. 34%
c.  Include just the USD's flag as the senior official. 54%
d. I don't know. 4%


Quick Vote/Question results #121
July 10 - September 25, 2010

The Under Secretary of Defense (USD) will visit your installation day after tomorrow accompanied by your major command commander; a 4-star officer.  They will be picked up and driven from the installation airfield to the headquarters.  the USD's staff will not be bringing a USD automobile flag plate and your installation does not have one.  Would it be OK to use an 4-star general/flag officer plate instead since the USD has precedence at the 4-star level and there's a 4-star officer in the vehicle anyway?

a. Yes; use the USD plate 50%
b. No; use no plate 47%
c. I don't know 3%

Quick Vote/Question results #120
April 26 - July 9, 2010

You are in a DoD educational institution and are setting up a graduation for US and international students.  One of the students from the Middle East will have two guests attending:  her mother and her sister who are both princesses in the country's royal family.  Family members of graduates are usually seated in a separate section for recognition.  How would you choose to seat the princesses a the graduation?
a. At the front with other VIPs. 51%
b. With family members of other graduates. 46%
c. I don't know. 3%


Quick Vote/Question results #119
Jan 25 - Apr 25, 2010

Your boss is employed as a Defense Intelligence Senior Level (DISL) executive.  DISL employees take precedence at Code 6 - 1 star level, or above.  Would it be correct to display the Senior Executive Service (SES) flag in their office?
a. Yes. 38%
b. No. 50%
c. I don't know. 12%


Quick Vote/Question results #118
Nov 6, 2009 - Jan 25, 2010

Should or can ruffles and flourishes be played for retired general and flags officers?

a. Yes. 58%
b. No. 36%
c. I don't know. 6%


Quick Vote/Question results #117

You are preparing an invitation for the frocking of an O-5 to O-6.  In wording the invitation, would you call the ceremony a frocking ceremony or a promotion ceremony?
a. Promotion ceremony. 42%
b. Frocking ceremony. 43%
c.  Either is fine. 13%
c. I don't know. 2%

Quick Vote/Question results #116
Aug 1 - Sep 30

You're setting up a briefing.  Seated in the briefing room prior to the arrival of your commander (an O-6) is a retired major general (2-star). Upon arrival of the O-6 commander should the briefing room be called to attention? 
a. Yes. 68%
b. No. 30%
c. I don't know. 2%


Quick Vote/Question results #115
May 28 - July 31

In the Army and Marine Corps umbrellas aren't permitted to be carried by males in uniform.  Your civilian agency head is meeting an arriving male lieutenant general at the airfield and it's raining.  Your agency head has his umbrella.  Would it be OK for the general to walk under the umbrella if the civilian agency head is carrying it?

a. Yes. 70%
b. No. 26%
c. I don't know. 4%


Quick Vote/Question results #114
April 1 - May 27

US military personnel are to salute the President of the United States as the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.  Should US personnel also salute prime ministers of foreign nations?

a. Yes. 22%
b. No. 50%
c. Yes, but only as part of a ceremony. 25%
d. I don't know 3%


Quick Vote/Question results #113
Feb 21 - Apr 2, 2009

Your are in an Air Force protocol office putting together a small ceremony hosted by an Army SES (1-star). The Army SES does not bring his/her Army SES flag.  Would you display an Air Force SES flag or not display any SES flag? 

a. Display an Air Force SES flag 12%
b. Not display any SES flag 60%
c. Display an Army red 1-star flag if I have one 15%
d. I don't know 13%


Quick Vote/Question results #112
Dec 20 - Feb 20

A 21st Century-type protocol question:  if a unit commander is conducting a video teleconference (VTC) with unit members and half are in the room with the commander while the other half are in a remote location and everyone can see each other, should the unit members in the remote location stand when the commander enters/is announced into the room? 

a. Yes 83%
b. No 17%
c. I'm not sure 0%


Quick Vote/Question results #111
Nov 11 - Dec 20

Do you believe that change of command or change of responsibility-type ceremonies should be conducted for SES or other senior civilian employees who are appointed as heads of agencies?

a. Yes 55%
b. No 44%
c. I'm not sure 1%


Quick Vote/Question results #110
Aug 28 -  Nov 11

As the host and first speaker for a large ceremony for which your distinguished guests are the Secretary of the Navy Smith, Assistant Secretary of Commerce Jones, Army 3-star general White, and Air Force Brigadier General Black, in which order would you acknowledge them in your opening remarks?

a. Secretary Smith, Secretary Jones, General White, then General Black 88%
b. General Black, General White, Secretary Jones, then Secretary Black 10%
c. It doesn't matter 1%
c. I don't know 1%


Quick Vote/Question results #109
Jul 7 - Aug 28

When another nation's anthem is played at a US ceremony, should the US National Anthem also be played?

a. Yes, the US Anthem should always be played and follows the foreign anthem 91%
b. No; No, the US National Anthem does not need to be played 7%
c. I'm not sure 2%


Quick Vote/Question results #108
May 24 - Jul 7  

A lot of pseudo-change of command ceremonies occur today for positions like the senior enlisted advisors, deputy commanders, section chiefs, senior directors, etc., usually to recognize the departing official. Should these ceremonies be performed?

a. Yes, these ceremonies are justified. 27%
b. No; change of command-type ceremonies should only be done for command positions. 73%
c. I'm not sure. 0%


Quick Vote/Question results #107
Apr 17 -  May 23

At a large agency dinner you are setting up, you discover that one of the guests is a Medal of Honor recipient.  He is not part of the official party, nor a special guest; just one of about 250 guests who will be in attendance.  Would you - -

a. Seat him at the front with other senior guests? 3%
b. Have him recognized by the host? 42%
c. Seat at the front and have him recognized by the host?  49%
d. Do nothing special. 5%
e. I don't know 1%


Quick Vote/Question results #106
Mar 20 - Apr 17, 2008

Invitations:  for a formal invitation, is it OK to include the nickname of the guest of honor if he or she prefers it?  For example, "In honor of Colonel Robert 'Jack' Jones"?

a.  Yes 53%
b.  No 45%
c.  I don't know 2%


Quick Vote/Question results #105
Feb 20 - Mar 20, 2008

Flowers are a commonly presented to spouses at retirement and change of command ceremonies. Is there a correct type of flower and/or color that must be used for these ceremonies?

a.  Yes 30%
b.  No; whatever is preferred 59%
c.  I don't know 11%



Quick Vote/Question results #104
Jan 11 - Feb 20, 2008 

You have an Acting Deputy Secretary of Defense and the Chairman, JCS, at an event.  By precedence, a deputy secretary of a cabinet level department takes precedence over the Chairman.  Because the person is acting in the position, would place the acting deputy secretary:

a.  Before the Chairman, JCS 68%
b.  Equal with the Chairman, JCS 9%
c.  After the Chairman, JCS 21%
c.  I'm not sure 2%


Quick Vote/Question results #103
Dec 3, 2007 - Jan 11, 2008

While, traditionally, uniforms are prescribed for military members at military-hosted events, is it acceptable to prescribe civilian dress for certain military events?

a.  Military members must wear a uniform. 12%
b.  It depends on the circumstances; dress is at the discretion of the agency commander. 88%
c.  I'm not sure. 0%


Quick Vote/Question results #102
Nov 2 - Dec 3, 2007

When one or more state flags are displayed with the flag of the U.S. in a straight line display (i.e., flags displayed from viewer's left to right), the flag of the U. S. must be:

a.  Taller than state flags. 59%
b.  The same height as state flags. 38%
c.  It doesn't matter. 2%
d.  I'm not sure. 1%


Quick Vote/Question results #101
Oct 4 - Nov 2, 2007

Your agency deputy is an SES employee. When he or she chairs a meeting or hosts an event, should the attendees or audience stand the SES enters?

a.  Yes, everyone should stand. 54%
b.  No, the SES is a civilian. 39%
c.  I'm not sure 7%


Quick Vote/Question results #100
Sep 3 - Oct 4, 2007

Your agency has a chain-of-command photo display in the entryway. Should the Secretary of Defense, service secretary, and your major command and local senior enlisted advisor's photos be displayed or just the primary chain of command?

a.  Just the primary chain of command: President, service chief of staff, major command and subordinate commanders. 26%
b.  As above, but with the Secretary of Defense and service secretary included. 22%
c.  Both a. and b. and also include the senior enlisted advisors. 46%
d.  I'm not sure 6%


Quick Vote/Question results #99
August 6 - Sep 3

While nothing in service publications prohibit it as far as we can tell, do you think the National Anthem should be sung at military-style ceremonies (i.e., by a soloist, not by the audience)?

a.  Yes; there's nothing wrong with it 45%
b.  No; it doesn't "fit" military ceremonies 10%
c.  It depends on what the agency desires 41%
d.  I'm not sure 4%


Quick Vote/Question results #98
July 16 - August 6

You have a colonel who has been selected for promotion to brigadier general being assigned as your Deputy Commanding General.  He will not be a general officer or frocked when he assumes his duties.  Should he be referred to as "Deputy Commanding General" (the position title) or "Deputy Commander"?

a.  Deputy Commanding General 23%
b.  Deputy Commander 70%
d.  I'm not sure 7%


Quick Vote/Question results #97
July 1 - 16

You're walking down the street and across the street behind some trees is the sound of a ceremony going on.  You can't see it, but you hear the National Anthem being played.  Do you . .

a.  Stop, face the music, stand at attention (and salute if military) 85%
b.  Continue to walk because you're not part of the ceremony or at the site 6%
d.  I don't know 9%


Quick Vote/Question results #96
June 1 - June 30

Your agency head is an SES 2-star equivalent.  He is hosting a ceremony and the official party will include him, an Air Force lieutenant general, a retired former director of your agency (same grade), and a retired Army brigadier general.  In what order would you introduce them once they are seated on stage?

a.  Retired 1-star first, then:  the retired director, then the AF 3-star, and ending with your agency director 6%
b.  Your agency director first, then in order: AF 3-star, retired director, retired 1-star 90%
c.  Retired director first, then in order: retired 1-star, your agency director, AF 3-star 4%
d.  I don't know 0%


Quick Vote/Question results #95
Apr 23 - May 31

Present at an award ceremony are your 1-star general commander who is hosting, a 3-star general in the audience, and a 2-star guest speaker.  If honors (ruffles & flourishes and the General's or Admiral's March) will be played, which official should they be played for? (note:  these are not Navy arrival and departure honors, but honors rendered during the ceremony.)

a.  The 1-star host 24%
b.  The 3-star guest 26%
c.  The 2-star guest speaker 47%
d.  I don't know 3%


Quick Vote/Question results #94
Mar 24 - Apr 23

At a wreath-laying ceremony, three officials will lay the wreath simultaneously:  an active duty major general (MG) who is the current commander, a retired rear admiral (RADM) who is the most recent past commander, and a retired major general (MG-ret) who is an earlier past commander.  In what order would you announce them?

a.  Retired MG - retired RADM - active MG 6%
b.  Active MG - retired RADM - retired MG 43%
c.  Active MG - retired MG - retired ADM 51%
d.  I don't know 0%


Quick Vote/Question results #93
Mar 6 - Mar 24

How would you prepare a place card for a 12-year old boy for a dinner?

a.  "Master Smith" 45%
b.  "Mr. Smith" 8%
c.  "Thomas Smith" 47%
d.  I don't know 0%


Quick Vote/Question results #92
Feb 18 - Mar 6

Of the following, which would you use on a place card for a United States Senator?

a.  "The Honorable (last name)" 40%
b.  "Senator (last name)" 53%
c.  "Mr. (last name) 5%
d.  I don't know 2%
(Note:  per the book, Protocol, the correct title would be "Senator."  "The Honorable," typically a spoken title, should not be used in this format.)


Quick Vote/Question results #91
Jan 23 - Feb 18

On place cards, is it acceptable to use two lines for the person's title and name or just a single line?

a.  A single line must be used. 15%
b.  Two lines are acceptable if the title and name are long. 80%
c.  I'm not sure. 5%


Quick Vote/Question results #90
Jan 3 - Jan 23

Should routine ceremonies (awards, promotions, etc.) have a standard format in which everyone gets the same ceremony, or should each ceremony be 'tailored' to the person being recognized?

a.  Use a standard format for everyone. 49%
b.  Tailor each ceremony to the preferences of the individual. 49%
c.  I'm not sure. 2%


Quick Vote/Question results #89
Dec 9 - Jan 2

A Navy command has a deputy director who is an SES employee and a former US ambassador. While the deputy director works for the Navy, he is paid by the State Dept. The deputy director's office says that the State Dept. flag should be displayed to represent the deputy director along with appropriate Navy flags. The protocol office says the State Dept. flag is inappropriate as it is an agency/organizational flag, not a positional flag and since he works for the Navy agency, only the appropriate Navy flags should be used. What do you think?

a.  Use the State Dept. flag along with appropriate Navy flags 11%
b.  Use only the appropriate Navy flags 89%
c.  I don't know 0%


Quick Vote/Question results #88
Nov 22 - Dec 8

When guests are expected to pay for their own meal, this should be indicated on the invitation by which entry:

a.  No-host 68%
b.  Guests pay 9%
c.  Pay-as-you-go 21%
d.  I don't know 2%


Quick Vote/Question results #87
Nov 8 - Nov 22

At an informal retirement dinner, four officials will make presentations to the guest of honor. Should the order of the presenters be:

a.  In order, junior presenter first, senior presenter last. 82%
b.  In order, senior presenter first, junior presenter last. 14%
c.  In a different order. 0%
d.  I'm not sure. 4%


Quick Vote/Question results #86
Oct 24 - Nov 7

Your boss, a Navy O6, commands a construction regiment on a Navy base. The base commander, also an O6 but junior by date of rank to your commander, occasionally needs to meet with your boss on regimental operational matters. Your boss is not in the base commander's chain of command. When the base CO wants to meet with your boss, should:

a.  your boss, the senior O6, go to the base commander's office. 72%
b.  the base commander, the junior O6, come to your boss' office. 20%
c.  I'm not sure. 8%


Quick Vote/Question results #85
Oct 10 - Oct 24, 2006

You are in a joint command where protocol activities are generally based on the branch of service of the joint commander (e.g. if the commander is Air Force, ceremonies are done Air Force-style). In your opinion, should military ceremonies, particularly changes of commands and retirements, be done in the style and format of the individual's service or should they based on the joint commander's service?

a.  Such ceremonies should be based on the joint commander's
b.  Such ceremonies should reflect the format and style of the
     individual's service as much as possible.
c.  I'm not sure. 0%


Quick Vote/Question results #84
Sep 22 - Oct 9, 2006

You are working a joint meeting hosted by an Air Force Gen (4-star) in an auditorium. Attending and seated in the front row are (by seniority) a Navy VADM (3-star), an Army MG (2-star), an AF SES (2-star), a USMC BrigGen (1-star),  an AF SES (1-star) and an Army SES (1-star). In addition to the National Flag, which flag display, in the orders shown, would best serve this situation?

a.  AF 4-star flag of the host only. 29%
b.  AF 4-star flag of the host and the service flags of the services represented. 57%
c. AF 4-star, Navy 3-star, Army 2-star, MC 1-star, and an AF SES flag. 0%
d. AF 4-star, Navy 3-star, Army 2-star, AF SES (for 2-star AF SES) MC 1-star, AF SES (for 1-star AF SES) and Army SES (for 1-star Army SES). 9%
e.  I don't know. 5%


Quick Vote/Question results #83
Sep 1 -  Sep 22

In your Air Force agency, a first lieutenant will be promoted to captain.  He has asked that the Command Chief Master Sergeant, his uncle, perform the promotion.  Would that be OK?

a.  Yes. 50%
b.  No. 50%
c. I'm not sure. 0%


Quick Vote/Question results #82
Aug 16 -  Sep 1

Your command is conducting a welcome home ceremony at another installation for one of your deployed units that will be stationed at the other installation.  The other installation's commander is not part of your command, but says he should host the ceremony because it's his installation.  You say:

a.  Your senior commander should host. The other installation  commander has no role other than as a guest. 72%
b.  The other installation commander should host because it's his  installation. 24%
c. I'm not sure. 4%


Quick Vote/Question results #81
Aug 2 - Aug 15

You have a group of 20 O-5's to seat. Five of them have been selected for promotion to O-6 (but not frocked).  Would you seat the five 'promotable' officers ahead of other O-5's or seat all O-5-s  together by date of rank?

a. Seat those selected for promotion ahead of the others. 42%
b. Seat them all together. 54%
c. I don't know. 4%


Quick Vote/Question results #80
July 18 - Aug 2

A promotion ceremony will be conducted in the base chapel to be hosted by the base commander, a major general.  His staff wants the general's 2-star flag placed in the chapel along with appropriate organizational flags.  You are asked for guidance on whether or not this is appropriate. Your position:

a. Yes, placing the general's flag inside the chapel with the
    organizational flag is OK.
b. No, because it's a chapel, placing the general's and 
    organizational flag in a chapel is not appropriate.
c. I don't know. 9%


Quick Vote/Question results #79
July 5 - 19

When presenting a flag to an individual at a ceremony, is there a correct way to fold the the flag?

a. Yes; when presented, a flag should be tri-folded (cocked hat
    style) as done at a military funeral.
b. No; any method of folding for presentation will work. 0%
c.  It's up to the chaplain. 100%
c. I don't know. 0%
Note:  Since beginning the Quick Vote feature in the Fall of 2003, this is the first question to receive a 100% response for the same answer.  That notwithstanding, other than for military funerals and when the flag is lowered, across the services there only one written reference that we can find to the method for folding a flag:  paragraph 3, Section E of Marine Corps Order P10520.3B (Flag Manual) says:  "The method of rolling or folding and securing the distinguishing flag for the traditional 'breaking' at parades and ceremonies shall be determined locally."


Quick Vote/Question results #78
June 18 - July 4 

Your boss will be one of several speakers at a symposium, each speaking in separate rooms.  The host agency doesn't have enough US Flags for every room with a speaker. Would it be OK to place your boss' organizational and personal flags in the room in which he's speaking without a US flag?

a. Yes; you don't need a US Flag to display other flags. 0%
b. No; there should always be a US Flag with other flags. 67%
c. It's OK, but I would prefer that a US Flag be included. 33%
e. I don't know. 0%


Quick Vote/Question results #77
June 5 - June 18

How would you best describe a Dining-In?

a. A Dining-In is formal while a Dining-Out is informal. 0%
b. A Dining-In is held at a military facility while a Dining-Out
   is held at a public facility.
c. A Dining-In is a formal dinner without spouses while a
    Dining-Out is a formal dinner with spouses & guests.
d. None of the above. 7%
e. I don't know. 0%


Quick Vote/Question results #76
May 20 - June 4

For a memorial ceremony at which deceased unit members will be remembered, the question of Taps has arisen. Some feel that since Taps was played at the funeral, it would not be appropriate at the memorial ceremony.  You say:

a. Playing Taps would be OK. 88%
b. Taps should not be played as it was done at the funeral. 8%
c. I don't know. 4%


Quick Vote/Question results #75
May 5 - May 20

In setting up a ceremony, you must decide in which order the official party will be introduced.  Should they be introduced . .

a. In order of precedence from senior to junior.. 75%
b. In order of precedence from junior to senior. 22%
c. It doesn't matter. 3%
d.  I don't know. 0%


Quick Vote/Question results #74
Apr 20 - May 5

You are arranging a memorial dedication of a plaque at an outdoor location and one of your 1-star flag officers will be attending as a member of the audience.  Should you display his or her 1-star flag?

a. Yes. 23%
b.  No. 77%
c.  I don't know. 0%


Quick Vote/Question results #73
Apr 3 - 20

For a graduation ceremony for 14 international students, you are asked if it would be appropriate to play the anthems of each country or not. You respond:

a. Yes; play all anthems ending with the US Anthem 37%
b.  No; play only the first nations' anthem followed by the US
c.  No; play only the US Anthem 34%
d.  No; don't play any anthems 20%
e.  I don't know 9%


Quick Vote/Question results #72
Mar 20 - Apr 3

For an Air Force dining-out, a member of the hosting unit asks if his wife, who is in another service, can wear a civilian gown rather than her uniform.  You respond:

a. Yes 71%
b.  No 18%
c.  I don't know 12%


Quick Vote/Question results #71
Mar 6-20

For conference name plates, how would you prepare one for the Honorable Robert Jones, Assistant Secretary of the Navy?

a.  "Mr. Jones" 27%
b.  "Mr. R. Jones" 4%
c.  "HON (or Hon.) Jones" 20%
d.  "HON (or Hon.) R. Jones" 31%
e.  Other 16%
f.  It doesn't matter 2%


Quick Vote/Question results #70
Feb 22-Mar 5, 2006

When a senior civilian official such as a Congressman or a cabinet member enters a military dining facility, should someone:

a.  Call "attention" or "attention on deck." 8%
b.  Call "at ease." 5%
c.  say nothing as such actions should be reserved for the
     commander, senior officers, and civilian officials in the
     chain of command.
c.  I don't know. 7%


Quick Vote/Question results #69
Feb 7-21, 2006

At a dinner party, should the men at a table stand every time the hostess or senior woman comes to or returns to the table, or just when she first arrives?

a.  Only when she first arrives. 59%
b.  Every time she leaves and returns to the table. 41%
c.  There's no need to stand at all. 0%
c.  I don't know. 0%


Quick Vote/Question results #68
Jan 23-Feb 6, 2006

Would it be permissible for an E9 who holds a Reserve commission as a major to host a reenlistment ceremony and administer the oath of enlistment?

a.  Yes, if done in his/her reserve capacity. 78%
b.  No. 14%
c.  I don't know. 8%


Quick Vote/Question results #67
Jan. 12-22, 2006

One of your SES employees is attending a ceremony, but has no role in it other than as a guest and is seated in the first row as a VIP.  Should you display his or her SES flag in your flag display with appropriate general and flag officer flags?  

a.  Yes. 21%
b.  No. 79%
c.  I don't know. 0%


Quick Vote/Question results #66
Dec 29, 2005-Jan 11, 2006

Ethics:  you and your assistant put together a large military ball that took place last week at a downtown hotel.  The hotel sent both of you very nice gift baskets that contained a robe, slippers, candy, and a small bag of toiletries. Should you:

a.  Keep the gift basket 14%
b.  Return it to the hotel 29%
c.  Keep it if its value is less than $20 52%
d.  I don't know 5%


Quick Vote/Question results #65
Dec 13-28, 2005

You work for the Secretary of the Navy and are preparing an invitation for a particular annual awards ceremony usually hosted by the Secretary. This year he can't, though, due to scheduling conflicts. While the Secretary will have several office calls with senior officials attending the ceremony, one of the Assistant Secretaries  of the Navy will stand in as the host. Knowing the Secretary won't be there, would you issue the invitation in the name of:

a.  The Secretary of the Navy 57%
b.  The Assistant Secretary of the Navy 29%
c.  Jointly in the name of both the Secretary and Assistant Secretary 14%
d.  I don't know 0%


Quick Vote/Question results #64
Nov. 29-Dec. 12, 2005

As part of a conference your agency is hosting, a historical montage on Abraham Lincoln will be presented.  An actor will portray Lincoln and one of your senior leaders says that when the Lincoln figure enters the room, it would be a nice touch if "Hail to the Chief" is played. You respond that:

a.  It's inappropriate because "Hail to the Chief" is reserved for  the current President. 76%
b.  It would be OK since the actor is portraying President Lincoln 14%
c.  I don't know 10%


Quick Vote/Question results #63
Nov. 14-28, 2005

For a change of command at your reserve command, you have the mayor of the local city (pop. about (200,000) attending along with the 'mayor' of the local county (pop. about 500,000).  The county 'mayor' was previously the chairman of the county commission, but by local vote the title was changed to mayor.  The location of the change of command is not in the city limits, however, it is in the county.  Only mayors of cities are reflected in existing precedence lists.  Which mayor would you place first?

a.  City mayor 39%
b.  County mayor 56%
c.  I need more info 5%
d.  I don't know 0%


Quick Vote/Question results #62
Oct. 31-Nov. 13, 2005

You are finalizing plans for a formal receiving line at a holiday ball hosted by your commander. You have decided that the official party will consist of the commander, the deputy commander, and the senior enlisted advisor. You plan to include spouses. The senior enlisted advisor isn’t married, but his fiancé will be attending the ball and he would like her to stand with the official party.  Should the fiancé be included in the official party?

a.  Yes 63%
b.  No 25%
c.  Depends on other circumstances 12%
d.  I don't know 0%


Quick Vote/Question results #61
Oct. 17-30, 2005

In general, would you agree to overlook a policy or established custom if doing so would better serve an event (ex: toasting with a beverage other than wine, or using a flag contrary to existing regulations)?

a.  Yes 18%
b.  No 18%
c.  Maybe, depending on the situation 50%
d.  I'm not sure 14%


Quick Vote/Question results #60
Oct 4-17, 2005

For an indoor ceremony at a U.S. installation in Japan , when a Japanese official is part of the official party and a flag display is used, the Japanese flag should:

a.  Come after the flag of the United States 87%
b.  Come before the flag of the United States 13%
c.  Go in another position 0%
d.  I don't know 0%
Note:  this Quick Vote has a correct answer and that is "b":  by international agreement and per US Forces Japan Instruction 36-2804 (Jan 01), "When displayed on other than stationary flagstaffs (e.g. honor/color guards or interior displays) the United States flag will occupy the position of honor except in the following two instances: 1) The Japanese flag will occupy the position of honor when the function for which it is displayed is to specifically honor a Japanese National (military or civilian), or 2) involves Japanese National participants in the actual ceremony."


Quick Vote/Question results #59
Sep 20-Oct 3

At an awards luncheon hosted by your boss, an SES 2-star equivalent, you find out at the last minute that a senior retired 4-star flag officer will attend, but only as a guest and not part of the official party.  There are other flag officers attending, but none above the 2-star level. You boss asks if he s should recognize or mention the retired 4-star flag officer and you say:

a.  Yes. 77%
b.  No. 12%
c. It's up to you, boss. 11%
d.  I don't know 0%


Quick Vote/Question results #58
Sep 3-19

Ethics:  you are working with a hotel on a conference contract.  The hotel invites you to lunch to review the contract details. Can you accept the lunch?

a.  Yes 13%
b.  No 35%
c.  Yes, if it's value in under $20 48%
d.  I don't know 4%


Quick Vote/Question results #57
Aug 20-Sep 2

At least two military services, during a change of command ceremony, pass the unit colors from the old commander to the new commander. In setting up a change of command, if the unit does not have a color or flag would you . .

a.  Eliminate passing of the colors 31%
b.  Use a similar unit's flag 0%
c.  Use the Service flag 62%
d.  I don't know 7%


Quick Vote/Question results #56
Aug 7-Aug 19

During the playing of one or more of the service songs (The Army Song, The Air Force Song, etc.), should the military present:

a.  Stand when their service song is played 37%
b.  Stand when any of the service songs are played 63%
c.  Stand or not at their option 0%
d.  I don't know 0%


Quick Vote/Question results #55
July 25-Aug 6

At an awards ceremony for a spouse who is receiving a public service award for her contributions in the military community, during the the reading of the citation and presentation should the audience . .

a.  Stand 48%
b.  Not stand because she is a spouse 6%
c. Not stand because it's not a military award 42%
d.  I don't know 4%


Quick Vote/Question results #54
July 7-July 24

What do the terms, "Attention to orders" and "Attention on deck" mean?

a.  Both mean to rise and stand at attention 42%
b.  Both mean, 'everyone present listen up!' 5%
c.  'Attention to orders' means to rise and stand at attention, but 'Attention on deck' means to 'listen up' 18%
d.  'Attention to orders means to 'listen up' while 'Attention on deck' means to rise and stand at attention 11%
e.  They can mean both a and b depending on their use and the situation 21%
f.  Not sure 3%


Quick Vote/Question results #53
June 26-July 6

A dinner you are planning for your single-service agency will include a POW/MIA/Fallen Comrade table.  Will you have the table set with a single place-setting, or with four (or five) for each service?

a. Single place-setting representing my service. 77%
b. Multiple place-settings representing each service. 23%
c. Not sure 0%


Quick Vote/Question results #52
June 12-25

Do you believe that protocol within the Dept. of Defense should continue to be based on the individual traditions and practices of each service, or should we move to more standard policies and practices that would apply across the services? 

a. Keep service traditions even though it means a difference in
    protocol policies and procedures from service to service.
b. Eliminate service differences and standardize protocol across
    the Dept. of Defense.
c. Not sure 5%


Quick Vote/Question results #51
May 28-June 11

For Memorial Day, the US Code and DoD regulations require that the POW/MIA Flag be flown beneath the flag of the United States. Regulations also require that the flag of the United States be half-staffed until noon on Memorial Day.  Should the POW/MIA Flag be flown while the flag of the United States is at half-staff or should it only be put up at noon when the national flag is raised to full staff?

a. Flag of the United States and POW/MIA Flag both at  half-staff 52%
b. Only national flag at half-staff; raise POW/MIA Flag at noon 33%
c. Not sure 15%


Quick Vote/Question results #50
May 14-May 27

Given the policy of not displaying the flag of the United States at night unless it is properly illuminated, would it be OK to have a color guard present or post colors at an outdoor event at dusk without otherwise illuminating the flag?

a. Yes 53%
b. No 29%
c. Not sure 18%


Quick Vote/Question results #49
April 25-May 13

Your commander currently commands two organizations at the same location.  In the near future he will depart and at that time, the second command will come under a separate commander.  You will be doing a change of command and retirement for your current commander and also an assumption of command for the newly separated unit with a joint reception afterwards. With regard to the receiving line or lines, would you use: (a note:  this is a joint command under Air Force command.  In the Air Force, as with the Army, upon change of command the reception is typically in honor of the incoming commander.) 

a. Two receiving lines; one for each new commander 7%
b. A single receiving line with both commanders co-hosting 87%
c. A different setup 6%
e. Not sure 0%


Quick Vote/Question results #48
April 12-24, 2005

The United States affords official precedence to a former president of the U.S. (VIP/precedence code 2), but not to former heads of state from other nations. What precedence would you give to such former heads of state?

a. Same as a former President of the United States 17%
b. After a former U.S. president, but before other officials 58%
c. At the next lower level of precedence (code 3) 17%
e. Don't know 8%


Quick Vote/Question results #47
March 25-April 11, 2005

You are setting up a lunch at the dining facility which will be attended by your commander/the host, a 1-star general, and his boss, a 2-star general.  They will be seated on one side of the table and several enlisted personnel will be seated on the other side.  Would you use table flags and, if so, which ones?

a. Would not use table flags 42%
b. Would use both 1 and 2-star table flags 33%
c. Would use only the 1-star flag for my boss 0%
d. Would use only th 2-star flag for the senior 21%
e. Don't know 4%


Quick Vote/Question results #46
Mar 10-24, 2005

You are putting together an informal farewell ceremony for a deploying unit hosted by your commander (2-star).  You want to invite the installation commander (also a 2-star) who is not in your chain of command and would not have any role in the ceremony.  Formal invitations are not being issued.  How would you invite the installation commander?

a. Create a formal invitation just for him or her 29%
b. Telephone his office 48%
c. By email 5%
d. By letter 18%
e. Don't know 0%


Quick Vote/Question results #45
Feb 22-Mar 9, 2005

With regard to vehicle plates for senior officials, would you choose to use them . .

a. on base only 88%
b. on and off base 5%
c. never 5%
d. I don't know 2%


Quick Vote/Question results #44
Feb 1-21, 2005

You are planning seating for a dinner. Your senior officials are  one 3-star officer; two 2-star officers; two 1-star officers, and a major US corporate CEO, would you place the CEO . .

a. With or after the 3-star officer but before the 2-star officers 57%
b. With or after the 2-star officers but before the 1-star officers 3%
c. With or after the 1-star officers 33%
d. I don't know 7%


Quick Vote/Question results #43
Jan 16-31, 2005

When the national flag is at full staff and must be lowered to half staff, it should be:

a. Lowered directly to half staff. 30%
b. Lowered to ground level and then returned to half staff. 35%
c. Lowered to ground level, then returned to full staff, then lowered to half staff. 32%
d. I don't know. 3%
After significant research on this topic, we found nothing in any military or government publication, including the US Code on flags. While written procedures do exist for half-staffing the flag when it is first raised, none were found on the correct procedure when the Flag is already at full staff.  We queried the home of the United States Army Infantry, Fort Benning, Ga.  The Infantry Center Command Sergeant Major says that, "one should lower the flag to the half staff position.  Do not lower it totally then go through the process.  When it needs to go back to full staff, simply raise it back up."  The CSM indicated that this policy is not in any publication, but is standard practice.  If you know of anything in writing to the contrary, please send it to us at .


Quick Vote/Question results #42
Dec 31 - Jan 15

In determining the next of kin to receive a posthumous award, which would be the correct  order of the primary next of kin (first, second, third)?

a. Spouse, parents, eldest child 34%
b. Parents, spouse, eldest child 4%
c. Spouse, eldest child, parents 58%
d. Not sure 4%
The correct answer to the above question is c:  spouse, eldest child, parents


Quick Vote/Question results #41
Dec 13-Dec 30

If a flag has been used to cover a coffin at a funeral, is it OK to later fly that same flag on a flag pole at a military or federal installation?

a. Yes, it's OK to fly it. 20%
b. No, it should not be flown. 71%
c. Not sure. 9%


Quick Vote/Question results #40
Dec 1-12

A male SES employee and one of his subordinates, a female officer (Air Force captain) are exiting the building.  As they approach the outside doorway, should:

a. The SES employee open the door for the
b. The captain open the door for the SES
c. Not sure 4%


Quick Vote/Question results #39
Nov 11-30

At a memorial ceremony for a deceased military person, the widow will accept a medal awarded to her husband.  What do you believe to be the most appropriate way of presenting it?

a. In the medal's original case, handed to the
b. Pinned on the widow 25%
c. Mounted on a plaque and handed to the widow 12%
d. Not sure 0%
Correction 12/28/04:   Army and Air Force regulations permit pinning an award on the next-of-kin while the Navy, in SECNAV 1650.1G (Navy and Marine Corps Awards Manual), does not (see paragraph 3, section 2).


Quick Vote/Question results #38
Oct 29-Nov 10

Your agency is having a holiday ball with formal military dress.  One of your senior civilian directors who is also a Reserve officer, wants to know if he can wear his dress uniform instead of civilian clothing.  You advise him that . .

a. Since he is a Reservist, he can wear his uniform uniform to military functions 59%
b. Since he was invited in his capacity as a civilian employee, he should wear civilian dress. 34%
d. Not sure 7%


Quick Vote/Question results #37
Oct 16-28

When half-staffing the flag of the United States and other flags are also on display (state, organizational, corporate, other than flags of other nations), should the other flags also be half-staffed, or just the flag of the United States?

a. Half-staff only the flag of the United States 40%
b. Half-staff all flags 58%
d. Not sure 2%
Note:  in researching service publications on this issue, the only reference we could find that addressed this is the draft Air Force Instruction 34-XXXX on flags, which say:  “All flags displayed with the US flag should be flown at half-staff when the US flag is flown at half-staff. Consult State laws regarding flying State flags at half-staff.”


Quick Vote/Question results #36
Sep 24-Oct 15

In your opinion, is it proper for the President of the United States to salute members of our armed forces?

a. Yes 87%
b. No 0%
c. On if he/she is a former member of the armed
d. Not sure 0%


Quick Vote/Question results #35
Sep 5-Sep 23

You're on a Marine Corps base preparing for a ceremony.   In looking for an answer to a question about flags, you find one in an Army regulation, but you find nothing in any Marine Corps or other publication.  Would you use the guidance in the Army regulation?

a. Yes 25%
b. No 25%
c. Probably 38%
d. Not sure 12%


Quick Vote/Question results #34
Aug 18-Sep 4

You are responsible for preparing and publishing US Government guide books on various topics for several nations to which the US provides aid.  How should national flags be shown on the cover?

a. Show only the flag of the U.S. centered or to the flag's right (left corner) 10%
b. Show both flags with the flag of the U.S. in the left corner and the other nations' flag in the right corner; 43%
c. Show both flags with the flag of the other nation in the left corner and the flag of the U.S. in the right corner 13%
d. Do not include flag images 34%


Quick Vote/Question results #33
Aug 9-18

At a reception following a change of command, both the new and old commanders, and the host/presiding official are in attendance.  For the receiving line, who would you place in the line as part of the official party?

a. the incoming/relieving commander 18%
b. the outgoing/relieved commander 2%
c. the incoming/relieving commander and the host/presiding official 32%
d. the outgoing/relieved commander and the host/presiding official 2%
e. both a & b above 12%
f. all three (outgoing/incoming/host) 34%


Quick Vote/Question results #32
July 23-August 8

You regularly contract with hotels for conferences and typically fill at least 50 rooms for a 4 to 5-day period.  You expect the hotel you work with to provide which of the following services on a complimentary basis:

a. No complimentary services 12%
b. Break service (coffee/juice) 12%
c. Meeting room space and one room for a staff working area 36%
d. At least both b & c, above 40%


Quick Vote/Question results #31
July 10-July 22

You are putting together a dinner in honor of one of your SES employees.  Also attending will be the Chargé d'Affaires of a western European embassy who was a college class mate of the SES employee. Given the occasion, diplomatic rules of precedence, and other considerations, would you be inclined to seat the Chargé d'Affaires . .

Before the guest of honor 18%
After the guest of honor 52%
Consult the Chargés' embassy for a  recommendation 27%
Not sure 3%


Quick Vote/Question results #30
June 26-July 9

You have a senior US Government official arriving who will be a guest speaker at a conference. The official is eligible for a 19-gun salute and 4 ruffles and flourishes.  Would you:

Arrange to have honors played at the conference 11%
Not plan on honors because of the relatively routine nature of the event 24%
Contact the official's office to find out if he or she wants honors 65%
I don't know 0%


Quick Vote/Question results #29
June 13-25

At a dinner at which toasts will be given, you know that you have several guests who do not drink alcoholic beverages.  You would:

Advise them to raise their glasses, but not drink 24%
Provide a white or dark grape juice for them 73%
Tell them that not drinking to the toast would be an insult 0%
I don't know 3%


Quick Vote/Question results #28
June 1-12

When hosting a delegation from another country, US officials should:

Try to practice the customs of the visiting nation 28%
Expect the visitors to adapt to American customs 0%
Try to observe one or two key customs of visitor's culture 72%
I don't know 0%


Quick Vote/Question results #27
May 20-31

For conferences at which your commanding general, deputy commanding general, chief of staff, and senior enlisted advisor (CSM, MCPO, CMSgt, etc.) are present, where, as a general rule, would you place the senior enlisted advisor?

After the commanding general 52%
After the deputy commanding general 12%
After the chief of staff 28%
Somewhere else 8%


Quick Vote/Question results #26
May 10-19

You're working the reception/payment table at an agency dinner. One of your executives arrives, but without his wife. He explains that she had to cancel that afternoon and refuses to pay for his wife's dinner. All reservations and meal choices were final 2 days ago.

Tell him he must pay for two dinners because the deadline has passed 9%
Waive the cost of his wife's dinner 9%
Have him pay for his dinner and resolve the matter tomorrow 78%
Not sure 4%


Quick Vote/Question results #25
April 27-May 9

An IPA (Intergovernmental Personnel Act) employee is assigned to your agency as the deputy director of operations.  The director of operations is an SES5(2-star equivalent).  The IPA employee has an O4, GS9, and a GS7 who report to him.  What precedence would you give the IPA employee?

Same as an SES6 (1-star) 11%
Same as a GS15 (O6) 33%
Same as a GS13/14 (O5) 41%
Not sure. 15%


Quick Vote/Question results #24
April 20-26

Your agency is hosting a formal dinner in honor of its retiring director.  You have a married couple, John Smith, a GS13, and Jane Smith, a GS15, who both work in your agency.  How would you address the invitation? 

"Mr. & Mrs. John Smith" 30%
"Mrs. Jane Smith & Mr. John Smith" 35%
Send separate invitations. 35%
Not sure. 0%


Quick Vote/Question results #23
April 8-19

At an outdoor ceremony you put together, as remarks are being given, one of the flags in the flag display behind the speakers begins teetering and you're sure it's going to fall over.  Do you . .  

Move to the flag display and fix the flag that is about to fall. 20%
Radio to one of your people near the podium to step in and fix or hold the flag. 63%
Do nothing as fixing the flag would be too disruptive. 10%
I don't know. 7%


Quick Vote/Question results #22
March 31-April 7

At an indoor ceremony at a Navy base, an Air Force Lt. Col. is presenting awards.  Award recipients include Marine Corps, Navy, and Air Force members.  Headwear is not worn because the event is  indoors.  Service policies differ on saluting when indoors. Navy and Marine Corps do not salute when uncovered (not wearing headwear); Air Force salutes when formally reporting indoors.  Should the recipients:

All not salute because it is on a Navy base. 40%
All salute because the presenter is Air Force 33%
Salute if Air Force; not salute if Navy or Marine Corps 20%
None of the above. 7%
I don't know. 0%


Quick Vote/Question results #21
March 21-30

The Vice Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff (4-star officer) is visiting you agency.  He nor his aide brought his positional flag and you don't have a Vice Chairman flag.  Would you

Display a 4-star flag of his service. 55%
Not display a flag. 42%
Don't know. 3%
Clarification:  service policies differ on displaying a personal (star) flag for an officer who is also authorized a positional flag.  For example, in the Army a star flag would not be displayed for an officer with a positional flag (e.g. the Vice Chief of Staff of the Army). This question speaks to the action someone might take to solve a last-minute problem regardless of what the service's policy is.


Quick Vote/Question results #20
March 8-20

Under the provisions of several Federal and DoD regulations, in general, gifts to a superior from a subordinate or group of subordinates can not exceed $300, or $10 per subordinate.  Would it be permissible for an office of 5 people to take the boss out for lunch on her birthday and pay for the boss' lunch as long as it does not cost more than $50?

Yes. 92%
No. 4%
Don't know. 4%


Quick Vote/Question results #19
February 25-March 7

In your service or agency, a place card is properly prepared using the 'short' form of rank as in 'Colonel' for both colonels and lieutenant colonels.  One of your senior leaders, however, says that a place card should say, 'Lieutenant Colonel' not 'Colonel.'  You know that your way is correct . .

and you maintain your position and do them that way. 41%
but do it the senior leaders' way to avoid an argument and keep everyone happy. 59%
but you're not sure what you would do. 0%
(Service policies differ on the use of the long form and short form of rank on place cards.)


Quick Vote/Question results #18
February 11-24

At military weddings, who should carry swords if authorized and used?

  Overall Army USMC Navy AF USCG
Officers attending 33% 16% 33% 83% 0% 100%
Enlisted members attending 10% 10% 33% 0% 0% 0%
Both 40% 58% 33% 0% 0% 0%
Neither 17% 16% 0% 17% 100% 0%

Our thanks to Cpl. Jennifer Lanum. for submitting this Quick Vote topic

(we felt it might be interesting to see how each service votes on this question.  The Overall column reflects the percentage of all Quick Votes submitted while the blue columns reflect the percentage of votes within each service.)


Quick Vote/Question results #17
February 3-10

At ceremonies when the guest of honor is a woman and her husband is also attending, what would be an appropriate gift for a male spouse?

A plant or gift card 31%
Ask the woman what her husband would prefer 38%
Flowers 0%
Other 4%
Nothing 27%

Our thanks to Maj. Allison Taylor, Fort McCoy, Wisc. for submitting this Quick Vote topic


Quick Vote/Question results #16
January 25-February 2

An invitation is addressed to "Major John Smith and Mrs. Smith." Major Smith was recently divorced. Which do you agree with?

He should attend by himself. 7%
It would be OK for him to bring a guest. 34%
He should ask before bringing a guest. 55%
I don't know. 3%


Quick Vote/Question results #15
January 14-24

An active duty 2-star flag officer needs to call a retired 4-star officer at the retired officer's office. The call is military-related. Who should be on the phone waiting for the other to come on?

The retired 3-star should hold for the 2-star 18%
The active 2-star should hold for the 3-star 74%
It doesn't really matter  8%


Quick Vote/Question results #14
January 6-13

You invite your assistant director of civilian personnel, a GS12 female, to an official agency dinner.  Her husband, an SES employee in another agency attends with her.  Should they be seated:

based on her grade 73%
based on the husband's grade (SES) 25%
it doesn't matter  2%


Quick Vote/Question results #13
December 21-January 5

An agency is changing from a military commander to a civilian director. Would you choose to do - -

A change of command ceremony 9%
A change of responsibility ceremony 41%
Separate ceremonies for the commander's
departure and the new director's arrival. 
None, or none of the above 0%


Quick Vote/Question results #12
December 13-December 20

Flower presentations -  Who should pay for flowers presented to a spouse at a ceremony?

The protocol office 8%
The host 25%
The guest of honor (spouse's husband/wife) 42%
The guest of honor's office 17%
Depends on the circumstances 8%


Quick Vote/Question results #11
December 2-December 12

Regarding the carpet runner often used for receiving lines who do you believe should stand or walk on it? 

The guests coming through the line walk on
the carpet runner.
The official party (host, guest of honor) stand on the carpet runner. 43%
Other 0%

Note:  if you are interested in written guidance on the above issue, please
click here and then click on 'Click here for guidance on using a carpet runner'


Quick Vote/Question results #10
November 10-December 1

For spouse name tags, which of the following would you choose most often to use? (for this issue, the presumption is made that the spouse is a woman)

Mrs. John Smith 15%
Mrs. Mary Smith 35%
Mrs. Smith 15%
Mary Smith 10%
Depends on the situation and type of event 25%


Quick Vote/Question results #9
November 11-19

When working up an invitation list for a dinner at which guests will pay for their own meals, what percentage of guests would you use to estimate attendance?

100% 5%
90% 10%
80% 30%
70% or less 55%


Quick Vote/Question results #8
November 2-10

When a flag officer commander enters a room with a mixed group of military and civilians, which do you believe is most appropriate?

Announce the flag officer 50%
Call the room to attention 45%
Give the command, "at ease" 5%
Other 0%


Quick Vote/Question results #7
October 25-November 1

Former governors are not included on the tables of official honors. When a former governor dies, do you believe honors should be rendered? 

Yes; honors as authorized for governors 33%
Yes; but lesser honors than for governors 53%
No; honors should not be rendered 13%


Quick Vote results #5
October 13-24

Service policies on the display of  personal colors (star flags) at 'protocol' events are vague at best. Do you favor displaying the personal colors of - - 

the host only 32%
the host and guest(s) of honor only 36%
all members of the official party 25%
the host, guest of honor, other members of 
the official party, and for all guests


Quick Vote results #4
October 7-13

Senior Executive Service (SES) employees, even though they have precedence equal to flag officers, are not authorized honors (ruffles & flourishes, march music, gun salute).  Should the tables of honors be changed to allow honors for SES employees? -  -

Yes 7%
No 93%


Quick Vote results #3
September 27-October 6

Presently, the Army and Air Force precedence lists establish two levels of precedence for mayors; one for cities of 1 million or more, and another for cities of less than 1 million.  Should this -  -

remain unchanged 33%
change to one level for all mayors 33%
change to a more realistic split (say 500,000) 33%


Quick Vote results #2
September 17-26

The agency senior enlisted advisor (CSM, MCPO, CMSgt., etc.) should be seated at the head table:

never 48%
always 4%
on most occasions 12%
when there is room without displacing a senior official 36%


Quick Vote results #1
September 10-17, 2003

What do you believe is the best placement for the POW/MIA Flag in flag displays?

separate from the official flag display 30%
after service flags and before all others 30%
immediately after the flag of the United
at the end after all other flags 20%
it should not be displayed 0%