Here are some templates to get things done more efficiently, particularly those tasks that can be done on a computer.  For most of these, there are several ways of doing them.  The best approach is to experiment and find what works best for you.  But, short of anything you might already have, these, hopefully, will get you going.

Checklist - Activation ceremony
Checklist - Change of command
Checklist - Dining-in
Checklist - Dinner banquet
Checklist - General use
Checklist - Retirement
Labels - Lunch payment
Layout - Indoor with formation
Layout - Reception room
Name tag - Seat
Name tag - Table tents
Name tag - Table tent; no meals
Seating - Auditorium
Seating - Ballroom
Seating - Center aisle
Seating - Conference room
Seating - Dinner chart
Seating - Holiday party
Seating - Rounds of 10
Seating - Rounds of 8
Seating - Small conference