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Current Job Vacancies
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Updated as of:  December 14, 2019 07:37 AM

Grade Job Title, Announcement No.
Close Date  Location

Point of Contact

GS13 Lead Protocol Specialist HHS-CDC-M1-20-10665848
12/16/19 Atlanta, GA (CDC)
CDC Help Desk  770-488-1725 Email:
GS13 Protocol Officer WTEQ191535008636
12/20/19 Ft. Bliss, TX (Army)
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GS11/13 Advance and Protocol Representative ST-10678424-20-ESEC
12/19/19 Washington, DC (DHS)
Alicia Dozier 202-357-8171 Email:
GS11/12 Protocol Officer HRSC/S/CPR-2020-0006
12/16/19 Washington, DC (State Dept.)
Mattie Mitchell 843-952-0052 Email:
GS11 Protocol Specialist 6V-AFPC-10674022-812355-JCL
12/19/19 Buckley AFB, CO (AF)
Total Force Svc Center 1-800-525-0102
GS11 Protocol Specialist 8L-Hill-10676820-804182-ETI
12/19/19 Hill AFB, UT (AF)
Hill AFB DP2YHA  801-586-4678 Email:
GS11 Protocol Officer AK-AFPC-10670967-804434-MER
12/16/19 Eielson AFB, AK (AF)
Total Force Svc Center 1-800-525-0102
GS11 Protocol Officer 4V-AFPC-10665340-800625-JCL
12/20/19 Davis Monthan AFB, AZ (AF)
Total Force Svc Center 1-800-525-0102
GS11 Protocol Officer WTAA191714708311R
12/16/19 Corpus Christi, TX (Army)
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GS9/11 Protocol Officer WTDJ191581814288HD
12/21/19 Dugway Proving Ground,
UT (Army)
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GG9 Protocol Officer DEST-10673342-20-RWK
12/23/19 Suitland, MD (Navy)
DON EIC 800-378-4559  Email:
GS7/11 Protocol Specialist-Pathways Recent Grad AFMC-106370006-RECGRAD-CRH
01/26/20 Wright-Patterson AFB, OH (AF)
Carmen Heflin Email: