Flag/General Officer Bios & Rosters

Updated:  05/09/2012

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Army General Officer Roster and Biographies
A version of the Army General Officer Roster and biographies are available through the Army Knowledge Online (AKO) website at https://dagomo.us.army.mil/Roster/PublicRoster2.pdf . You must be eligible for an AKO account (active, retired, Reserve, National Guard member of the Army, or an Army civilian employee - eligible for full account; other services - eligible for guest account).  To establish an AKO account, go to https://www.us.army.mil/portal/portal_home.jhtml

Marine Corps General Officer Biographies
Marine Corps biographies are available at http://www.usmc.mil/genbios2.nsf/biographies .

Navy Flag Officer Biographies
Navy flag officer biographies are available at http://www.npc.navy.mil/Officer/FlagOfficer/ .

Air Force General Officer Roster
The Air Force has their general officer roster available online at https://www.dp.hq.af.mil/afslmo/afslmogo/goaflist.htm . This website is restricted to *.mil users.

Air Force General Officer Biographies
General officer biographies can be found at http://www.af.mil/bios/index.asp