Army SES Flag Policy



On May 1, 1998, the Acting Secretary of the Army, Robert M. Walker, signed a memorandum establishing an Army flag for Senior Executive Service employees. The Army Protocol Office forwarded this policy in an October 22, 1998, email message to MACOMs and major installations and agencies. The text of the email message follows:

October 1998


SUBJECT: Senior Executive Service (SES) flag

1. PURPOSE: To inform Army Protocol Officers of the new SES flag


a. A Department of the Army Flag for Senior Executive Service officials was approved 1 May 1998. The flag is authorized for display along with the National Colors. It will also be incorporated into Army Regulation 840-10, Flags, Guidons, Streamers, Tabards, and Automobile and Aircraft Plates.

b. The flag should be displayed in flag lines for official ceremonies where the SES is the host or awardee. Location of the flag in the line is determined by the protocol code of the SES. Example: If you have a SES protocol code 5 and a one star General Officer, the SES flag should be located between the installation colors and the one star flag.

c. The memorandum signed by the Acting Secretary of the Army and a picture of the flag are attached.

3. Army Protocol POC's are SGM Akacki and Ms. Jacobs, DSN 227-0692.


Director, Army Protocol"

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