The POW/MIA Flag is not an authorized DoD flag.  We want to address the POW/MIA Flag separately from other flags since it is not an authorized flag and because it is often used on flag displays and flown on installation flag poles.  Each of those situations are addressed separately below.

Use in flag displays

Army/Marine Corps
There is no specific authorization to use the POW/MIA flag is flag displays, although it is done. Consequently, there is no correct placement for the POW/MIA Flag  in flag displays (other than for the Air Force for which the POW/MIA Flag is always displayed last in a line of flags).  If displayed, common choices are:

a.  immediately after the flag of the United States and before all other flags.
b.  after all other flags in the flag display.
c.  separate from the official flag display.

Since there is no prescribed placement for the POW/MIA flag, it is best to find out what your own agency or organization prefers and follow that.

The Navy's NTP13(B), paragraph 1709c authorizes the POW/MIA flag to be "displayed indoors to enhance commemoration ceremonies."  By the directive, that would limit its use to POW/MIA-related ceremonies or events only.  NTP13(B) does not specific location or position of the flag.

Air Force
Paragraph 2.5.10, AFI 34-XXXX (draft) on flags says, "The POW/MIA flag will always be the last flag in any display."

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