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Last updated:  05/09/2012

Please note:  due to problems keeping updated publications available, we have modified, in most cases, the links on this page to take you directly to the service/agency publications websites instead of ours.  This ensures that you always have access to the most recent version of a publication.  The downside to this, however, is that, in our experience, DoD agencies tend to change website names or file locations. The result is that you may receive a 'page not found' error. We will try to update this page and verify addresses monthly.  If you find a link that is broken, please let us know by email to contact@jmarprotocol.com .  

Military and civilian reference books

Civilian References

Protocol: The Complete Handbook of Diplomatic, Official and Social Usage McCafree & Innis, Devon Publishing, 2002  
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The Complete Guide to the New Manners for the '90s Letitia Baldrige, Rawson Associate, 1993

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New Manners for New TImes, Letitia Baldrige, Simon & Schuster, 2003

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Service Etiquette Oretha Swartz Naval Institute Press, 1988
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Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands: How to do Business in Sixty Countries  Morrison, et. al., 1994
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Emily Post on Invitations and Letters, Elizabeth L. Post, 1992
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Flag: An American Biography  Marc Leepson, St. Martin's Griffin, 2006
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Honor & Respect: The Official Guide to Names, Titles and Forms of Address  Robert Hickey, The Protocol School of Washington, 2008 
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Primary Military and Government Publications

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Executive Departments
5 CFR, Section 2635, Subsections B & C on gifts (01/01/03)

Department of Commerce
DAO 201-6, Official Flags of the Department (02/27/02)
DAO 202-739, Gifts and Decorations from and to Foreign Individuals (07/25/89)
DAO 203-9, Gifts and Bequests (05/31/01)
DAO 203-10, Official Entertainment and Representation Authorizations (10/01/96)

Department of Defense
DoD Instr 1005.4, Performance of the "Star Spangled Banner," Foreign National Anthems, and "Hail to the Chief" by Service Bands (09/18/81)
DoD Inst 1005.6, Display of the National Flag at Half Staff (03/27/08)
DoD Man 1348.33-M, Manual of Military Decorations & Awards (09/12/96)
DoD Dir 1005.10, Table of Honors for Civilian and Military Officials of the DoD (07/24/81) (updated 2003)
DoD Dir 7250.13, Official Representation Funds (02/17/04) (w/Jan 05 change)
DoD Dir 1005.13, Gifts from Foreign Governments (02/19/02) (updated 2003)
DoD Reg 5500.7-R, Joint Ethics Regulation w/change 2 (MS Word document) (03/25/96)

United States Army
DA Pamphlet 600-60, A Guide for Protocol and Etiquette for Official Entertainment (12/11/01)
AR 37-47, Representation Funds of the Secretary of the Army (03/12/04)
AR 1-100, Gifts and Donations (11/15/83)
AR 1-101, Gifts for Distribution to Individuals (05/01/81)
AR 600-8-22, Military Awards (02/25/95)
AR 840-10, Flags, Guidons, Streamers, Tabards, and Automobile and Aircraft Plates (11/01/98)
AR 600-25, Salutes, Honors, and Visits of Courtesy (09/24/04)
AR 670-1, Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms (02/03/05)
FM 3.21-5, Drill and Ceremonies (07/07/03)
FC 21-1, Formal Dining-In (12/01/83)
USAARMC Pam 600-60, Protocol Handbook (US Army Armor Center) (02/18/92)

United States Marine Corps
(04/05/08-The USMC Publications site is not presently working or is restricted.  The following publications
are maintained on the JMAR Management & Training website)
MCO P1020.34G, Marine Corps Uniform Regulations w/changes 1-4 (03/31/03)
MCO P10520.3B, Marine Corps Flag Manual (09/15/89)
MCO P5060.20, Marine Corps Drill and Ceremonies Manual (part 1) (05/05/03)

United States Navy
NTP 13(B), Flags, Pennants, and Customs (08/86)
OPNAVINST 1710.7, Social Usage and Protocol Handbook (06/15/01)
Chapter 12, Navy Regs, Navy Regulations on Flags (undated)
SECNAVINST 1650.1G, Navy and Marine Corps Awards Manual (01/07/02)
SECNAVINST 7042.7K, Guidelines for Use of Official Representation Funds (03/14/06)
NAVPERS 15665I, Navy Uniform Regulations (04/01/04)
NAVPERS 15956D, Naval Funerals at Arlington National Cemetery (09/17/93)

United States Air Force
AFI 51-901, Gifts from Foreign Governments (02/16/05)

AFPD 34-12, Air Force Protocol (03/14/05)

AFI 34-1201, Protocol (10/04/06)
AF Pamphlet 34-1202, Guide to Protocol (10/04/06)

AFI 51-601, Gifts to the Department of the Air Force (11/26/03)
AFI 65-603, Official Representation Funds (02/17/04)
AF Manual 36-2203, Drill and Ceremonies (06/03/96)
AFI 36-2803, The Air Force Awards and Decorations Program (06/15/01)
AF Pamphlet 30-6, Dining-In (not available) (unknown)
'Til Wheels Are Up, (our Adobe Acrobat version) (various)
(Note:  'Til Wheels Are Up is no longer an official Air Force publication.)

United States Coast Guard
COMDINST1020.6E, Coast Guard Uniform Regulations (07/02/03)

U. S. Public Health Service
CCPM Pamphlet No. 61, USPHS Information on Uniforms (09/93)

Protocol Related Publications Links

Please Note:  we check on the following websites periodically to see if the addresses are  valid. Unfortunately, military sites seem to change their URL's with some frequency leading to invalid addresses. We apologize if any of the following addresses don't work. If they remain invalid for more than a month or so we will delete them.

Useful publications and information websites

DoD directives, publications, instructions site Music Sources
Army Publishing Agency The United States Army Band
Marine Corps Publications site (restricted or not working) The United States Army Field Band
Navy Publications Library The Marine Corps Band
Air Force Electronic Publications site The United States Navy Band
State Dept. country background notes site The United States Air Force Band
CIA country factbook The United States Coast Guard Band