Information for the Recommending Official

In considering whether to recommend the applicant for designation as a certified protocol specialist, please take into consideration several factors - -

  • the applicant's overall job performance.

  • the applicant's potential for success in future protocol positions.

  • the applicant's attitude and general sense of professionalism.

  • most importantly, consider the applicant's breadth of experience:  to be a successful protocol professional and warrant designation as a Certified Protocol Specialist, the applicant should have experience with, and knowledge of, the following:  ceremonies and their management; conferences and their management; the application of precedence to various activities and events; flag displays and policies; and government ethics programs and policies. Experience with specific programs is beneficial, but not critical. These can include:  official gifts; spouse travel; and management of Official Representational Funds/Contingency Funds, among others.  An applicant with only limited experience in one particular area of protocol and event management should not automatically be recommended for certification unless he or she clearly demonstrates some knowledge of, and the potential for success with, a broader range of duties. Such individuals can achieve certification at a later time once adequate experience has been obtained. For example, suitability for certification would be very limited for a person who, while filling a protocol-titled position, has only had experience with handling flag displays, or who performs primarily office administration, or who only serves as an escort for visitors.

Please understand that our philosophy in certifying military personnel and civilian employees is that designation as a certified protocol specialist should say, "this person has experience and knows what he or she is doing."