About Us

JMAR Protocol Training & Consulting is owned by Cathey and Bob Henry (Bobcat Enterprises, LLC), of Auburn, Washington. 

The business was founded in October 1990 with the mission of providing comprehensive training in the principles and procedures of military and government protocol and event management.  The program began using a single-class training format, but eventually evolved and expanded into a two-class format.

Between 2001 and 2003, the  two-class program was again expanded to a five classes:  Phase I, Phase II, Phase III, Phase IV, and the TIPS009 Advanced class. 

In 2005 the Phase I & II classes were merged into a single Combined Phase I & II class, the Phase IV and the TIPS009 Advanced classes were combined into the Phase IV/Advanced class, and the annual Protocol Forum class was added.  Additionally, the Combined Phase I & II, Phase III, and Phase IV/Advanced classes were extended from 3-1/2 days to 5-day programs. 

In 2012, review and updating of our course content brought about a course Title change because "Combined Phase I & II" could not be separated, Phase I & II changed to "Phase I". Phase III became Phase II and Phase IV became Phase III. Course content did not change, just the titles.

Our current curriculum consists of Phase I, (Basic), Phase II (Intermediate), Phase III, (Advanced/International) and our annual Advanced Protocol Studies & Professional Development (TIPS010), which is Professional developement for Senior Protocol Staff and personnel who have worked in the field over two years.

Today, the program provides approximately 85 hours of instruction in military and government protocol and event management.

Supporting the training program is JMAR's Protocol and Event Management Guide, a 500-page plus electronic publication containing the original Practical Protocol for the Military and Government book, the Ceremonies Guide, the Flag Guide, the Military Dining Guide, and a Conference Management Guide.  These publications, contained on CD, are provided to everyone attending the classes.

Over the 20 years of it's existence, JMAR Protocol Training & Consulting has trained more than 5,500 individuals from DoD agencies, Joint Commands, the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, the State Department, Department of Interior, Dept. of Homeland Security, Department of Energy, US Aide, embassies, and corporations and universities.