Phase I, Protocol and Event Management for the Military & Government
August  5 - 8, 2019, U. S. Army South Headquarters, JBSA Fort Sam Houston, TX

U.S. Army South
Headquarters Personnel

(5 seats available to Outside Students)

Class No:  264

  U. S. Army South Headquarters, FT Sam Houston TX.
(Bldg 1026 classroom)

Lodging:  Lodging not arranged by JMAR, Lodging is available throughout the FT Sam Houston area. Students need to make their own lodging arraignments.

Course Fee Non U.S. Army South Personnel: $975.00
Times: 8:00 - 4:00; each day

Description:  TIPS007 - Phase I, Military and Government Protocol & Event Management

JMAR Protocol Training & Consulting, 31600 126th Ave SE, SPC E24, Auburn, WA 98092
Instructor:  Cathey Henry

DoD Central Contractor Registry: D&B No:


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Location: U. S. Army South Headquarters, FT Sam Houston, TX.
BLDG : 1026 located to the rear of "Old BAMC" (BDLG 1000) at the north end of Stanley Road


Enter Ft. Sam Houston through the main gate (Walters Gate) off of I-35.  Proceed North on Winfield Scott Road Turn left on Schofield Road Turn right on Stanley Road Continue North on Stanley Road until the road begins to curve to the left. Bldg 1000 is at the 7 story building at the head of the curve Bldg 1026 is located to the rear of Bldg  1000.

An accessible entrance is located at the building.

Security Procedures: There is a visitor center there that will require ID to enter the base if not a DoD ID Card Holder.

All visitors will be subject to security screenings, including bag and parcel checks.

Dress for the class is Business civilian casual wear. Shorts, T-shirts, jeans, sweatshirts are not appropriate. 

The course fee is payable by purchase order (SF 182), cash, check, VISA MasterCard, and AMEX including corporate and government IMPAC/GPC and travel cards.  The fee does not have to be pre-paid.  Payments will be accepted at the class or invoiced afterward.