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Updated as of:  July 24, 2014 03:06 AM

Position Title, Announcement No.
Open/Close Dates  Location

Questions/Point of Contact

GS11 Protocol Officer 8O-AFPC-1171719-173949-DJ
07/22/14-07/28/14 Minot AFB, ND (USAF)
AFPC RSC  Phone: (800)525-0102
GS11 Protocol Specialist NEBR141152851164894D
07/15/14-07/25/14 West Point, NY (Army)
GS9 Protocol Specialist 8J-DCIPS-1171746-171501-TMT
07/22/14-07/24/14  Variable (USAF)
AFPC RSC  Phone: (800)525-0102
GS9 Protocol Specialist 9L-AFPC-1170947-147950-HLB
07/21/14-07/25/14 Andrews AFB, MD (AF)
AFPC RSC  Phone: (800)525-0102
Contracted Senior Protocol and Events Advisor
Open until filled  (USAID) (The Mitchell Group)
See below
Contracted (Junior) Protocol and Events Advisor
Until filled (USAID) (The Mitchell Group)
See below
  Interested and qualified candidates should submit their biodatas, brief cover letter, and CV by email to In the subject line, please indicate “Senior Protocol & Events Advisor position” or “(Junior) Protocol & Events Advisor position.”

Senior Protocol and Events Advisor

Minimum of 10 years’ experience in managing events.

Direct experience working on events for US Government, foreign governments and international organizations. International experience required (Flag etiquette, swearing-in ceremonies, etc.)

Demonstrated experience in handling matters related to protocol, etiquette and diplomatic relations for US Government, foreign government and international organizations. Direct interaction with Diplomatic Corps.

Demonstrated ability to provide protocol, etiquette and special event training programs.

Strong organizational skills and attention to detail.

Ability to multi-task.

Must have the ability to work well under pressure and be well organized to manage people.

Must have the ability to maintain good working relationships with clients, employees, and industry.

Must have effective oral and written communication skills and be able to articulate thoughts and ideas to others.

Must have the ability to maintain confidentiality of files and other documents

Must be flexible in work habits and work schedule

Must have experience in high-level events for high level agencies.

Experience managing and hosting, diplomatic protocol events, processes, and etiquette.

Experience with USAID and Department of State preferred

Security Clearance preferred

Senior Protocol and Events Advisor
Qualifications are identical to the Senior Protocol & Events Advisor position, but should have at least 5 years of protocol experience with the US Government.